"So here I go"

Hey guys, Im doing something a little different..this post around. Usually I have an exact word to share with you all or a lesson but today on this beautiful Sunday, [although I have not been outside..] I am just here to share what's on my heart..

So.. here I go.

This walk is hard, this journey to finding my fitting, to finding whats for me, to finding myself. Its like just when I think I got it all figured out.. I look up and say no this is not it. There's more. And I guess there's this girl God showed me at the very beginning of my walk, this girl God called me to be and for the last two years, i've been caught up trying to be her, trying to get to her.. not realizing that I already am her.

The word that came to my mind while I was typing just now was "evolving".

Evolving: to develop gradually, especially from a simple to a more complex form.

Yeah, evolving.

Not understanding this process of "evolution" has caused me to move before my time; in every aspect of my life. Its like taking your clothes out the dryer too soon. or your tea out the microwave too soon or a sick patient, getting out of bed rest too soon. You are left unfulfilled in some type of way and guess what? You end up having to do it all over again. Because time constraints are in place for a reason. It brings order, it brings expected results, it brings true fruition.

Ecclesiastes 3:1 tells us "There is a season [a time appointed] for everything and a time for every delight and event or purpose under Heaven".

Ecclesiastes 3:11 tell us "He has made everything beautiful and appropriate in its time".

Literally, God knows what He is doing. He showed me who He called me to be early on, not for me to rush to try and get there, but to just know that is who I am and my security should be found in that.

My security should not be in trying to make that girl come to her full "potential", but it should lie in the fact He said it and if He said it, it WILL come to pass. For now, purpose is greater than potential. And every single day I wake up with one. We all do.

Awakening things before its time, is what has made my walk so painful. It has put me in endless amounts of cycles, heart breaks and dissatisfaction.

And moving before His time, has delayed many seasons or interrupted what was supposed to happen next..

Its like getting up in the middle of surgery and walking out of the emergency room. As you walked out the door the doctor called out to you saying "I only had 4 more stitches".

Think about that.

Whoever you are reading this, stop rushing. Move forward, yes but move at His pace, at His time. Embrace where you are, take the steps required within the zone that you are currently in.

Stop leaving wounds open.

Stop leaving levels unfinished.

Stop leaving doors open.

Be still.


Finish Strong.

As for me, my time has not yet come.

and I am alright with that.

P.S. I found her now.

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