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The other day I was sitting with a friend and we were talking about why she wasn’t ready for a relationship and one of the reasons, a reason most women often deal with is idolization.

Idolization for those of you that do not know is the worship of anything other than God. And worship can be something as simple as choosing to spend time with your significant other over spending time with God when he is calling you to.

And so as we were talking about it, it hit me that was my exact hindrance, even before I was saved. When I was in relationships; I would put the boy before everything: my family, my friends, my sport, and my education. I was one of those “I will risk it all for you”.

A friend Albaner always tells me it is not about the what, but about the why.

So in this case, I had a habit of putting men I was in relationship with before everything. That is important to acknowledge but it is in the why where you will find your freedom.

In my case, I would do it from a need to prove myself to men, to win their love because I experienced a lack of security and love from my earthly father. So if I got them to “love” me that void would be filled, and then like everything else, it became a cycle. When your voids are filled by anything other than God, it will always be temporary which is why you never truly feel full; you are always still looking for more. You are in a constant search for what you cannot find outside of Jesus, the Messiah.

A perfect example is the woman at the well. She went to the same well every single day to quench this same thirst. She was able to, but only temporarily; hence why she kept going back. Then Jesus tells her: “Everyone who drinks this water will be thirsty again. But whoever drinks the water I give him will never be thirsty again. But the water that I give him will become in him a spring of water [satisfying his thirsty for God] welling up [continually following, bubbling within him] to eternal life” – John 4:13-14.

Instantly, the woman asks for his water, his everlasting water to be filled.

A revelation I just got was that she even put all her hope into this water to do for her what it is incapable of doing. She wanted it to just quench her thirst all together so that she would not have to continuously go back there to draw. We do the same thing with idols; we put them in God’s place expecting them to deliver the same power. And then we wonder why it does not work, or why it does not last. We run to the things that were created by God, instead of running to the Creator himself.


This whole topic has me thinking, idolization is such a tricky concept, because you may not even realize you are doing it.

You can be so deep into this, to the point where even the things you do “for God” is attached to your desire to have and to please this person or thing!

So what can this look like?

  1. Spending time with God, and feeling the NEED to report it back to the person that you did.

  2. Praying out loud in a shared space with the person, with an underlying hope of them hearing you.

  3. Posting scriptures on your social media accounts, calling it “sharing the good news” but you are really just waiting for him or her to watch your story, so they can think “wow, she/he in her/his word”.

  4. Going to church, and the entire time you are thinking about whether the person came today or not. Even deciding to not go to church because you know they will not be there?

  5. Being on an entire ministry team, just to show someone or even a few people that you “are for God”, that you “serve”, that you “move” for the kingdom.

All of these things are great, do not get me wrong; but again it is not enough to look at what you are doing, on a surface level. If you do not ask the why, better yet if you do not get to the why; you will end up doing all of these great things in the name of Jesus, and then at the time of his return, Jesus will look at you dead in your face and say “I never knew you”.

That is so deep and I myself went through a season where I thought my intent in doing things was to please God, but God showed me it was to please man.

And the way he showed me was through my responses every time God separated me from a particular guy.

A time God brought back to my memory was when this guy and I got into a huge argument where we ending up not talking for two days. For two days, I did not even utter my Father’s name. Not a single Jesus came out of my mouth. I did not open my bible, once. But as soon as the guy came back around, I was on my knees thanking God.

Crazy right?

So my message to you all reading today is:

  1. You HAVE access to the one and only source, Jesus.

  2. Stop looking for temporary pleasures.

  3. Break out of idolatry, there is only one that you should bow down to and serve and that is Jesus. - Exodus 20:5

and lastly,

4. Know your why to everything that you do.

I hope this blessed you. Thank you for reading and till next time.

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