Focus don’t Fear

It’s been about a week since I blogged and I was scared that I wasn’t going to be writing you guys for a long time because I have been distracted. Over the last week, my mind has been consumed with something other than God. And it’s been taking over my thoughts so much because I was scared to confront it, and honestly, I still am. But this blog post, writing this right now is my break through. And by the end of this post, I won’t be scared anymore, because I don’t have to be. God has it all figured out. There is someone reading this right now, who feels the same way. Who is living in fear of confronting a situation, or is in fear of speaking up about something or in fear of what to do next. You feel voiceless, you feel like if you say something, it won’t make things better or like me, it’ll ruin everything; or you’ll just mess it up. You think how you are feeling, what’s bothering you will come to pass; but it won’t; not if you don’t face it. The fear that you are feeling is the work of the enemy. How you are feeling isn’t small, it’s big. The enemy wants you to believe it is small. He wants you to believe that it will go away. He has just PLANTED his seed within you and it’ll grow in the wrong direction, if you let it. Don’t run from your problems, and don’t flee from fear. Walk towards it. Let’s walk towards it together. It’s human nature, to ignore things or say “I’ll deal with later”. But, procrastination is the thief of time, and pride is the thief of PEACE. I’m tired of waking up everyday, feeling like I have weight on my heart, weight on my mind; all because I am afraid of the outcome: all because YOU’RE afraid of the outcome. God isn’t of fear. Press the issue, fight past this feeling; so we can be at peace. We deserve peace and God wants peace for us. God has a calling over our lives, and that doesn’t include fear or being distracted. Take back what is yours from the enemy; it’s your peace of mind. Speaking up, addressing whatever it is, will not be the end of you. It is what will free you. Don’t worry about will happen next, God has that covered. Whatever is meant to be, WILL be.  

Prayer: Father God, 

I ask you to step in right now and fill me with your strength. I ask that you cast away this fear, this fear of the unknown, this fear of being uncomfortable. Father God, may I focus, focus on your face, focus on your voice so that I can do what it is you want me to do in your kingdom. May you make room in my heart and in my mind, for what is of you and remove anything that isn’t of you. I need you father God and I can’t do this by myself. I need your strength to sustain me. I need the courage, to speak up. May you cancel any pride in the name of Jesus. May you cancel any plan of the enemy, as he has no room here, not today and not tomorrow. Let your will be done in me Father God. May you open the doors that are suppose to be open and close the ones that are suppose to be closed. I trust you Lord, and I trust your plan. Holy Spirit, reveal to me what you want me to know, what you want me do; and it shall be done. 

In Jesus name I pray, Amen. 

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