Less is more

We are in a generation where we are in constant competition with one another, or with ourselves. We get something and before really spending time with it, we are onto the next. We want more. Then when we see others around us, maybe getting what we desire, we get frustrated and feel like we are doing something wrong. Do you ever stop to think that, what you want, may not be what you need? Or what you want isn’t coming when you want it to because you aren’t ready for it? God is so intentional and I think we need to focus on what we have on our plate and not on someone else’s because when you do this, here’s what happens: your food gets cold, after getting cold, it goes bad. If it goes bad, you have to throw it out. And ultimately, the nutrients you needed to get through the day, are gone. Now you’re empty. That meal on YOUR plate, is what you needed to move on. So when you find yourself feeling like you’re behind, maybe there is something you need to change. And It’s not your current situation because you wouldn’t be there, if God didn’t want you there. It’s your attitude about the current situation. With the right approach, you can tackle it and then move up. Someone reading this is struggling with dissatisfaction in their workplace, in their love lives or in themselves and I’m here to tell you, don’t be. Appreciate where you are and take full advantage of it. Of course, there is always more; but be okay with what you have. Because taking full advantage of what you have, is in fact the step to get you MORE.  ✨ 

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