Happy May!

It is a new month. I get so excited when a new month starts because I sort of hit this reset button in my life. I leave what happened in the month before that I may not be to fond of, in the month before; and I take all the good with me to make it better in the next month. A lot happens for me this month: For starters, I graduate in 12 days, which is a really big milestone in anyone's life. It feels like freshmen year was just yesterday, and when I just look back at these four years; my heart gets warm because y'all have no idea what I've been through to make it to this point; thank God, I did. Anyway, some more things going on: I leave for vacation in 13 days, I come back the 26th, and I start my new job the 30th. This last month for me has been eye opening. I learned so much about myself and people around me and it has honestly been the highlight of my last 4 years in college and the reason for that, is because I made the choice to seek God and get closer to him. I mean it when I say the grass is greener on this side. Anyway, I want to wish all of you a Happy new month. Make it Count, Stay Aware, Focus, and continue being vessels for the mighty one above; allow God to do his work in you and just because it is warming up outside; doesn't mean it is okay to slip up!! The devil is out to steal, kill and destroy; but we must remain strong, stay in the word and be aware of who and what you give your time to. Lets finish building God's Kingdom as we are just getting started. Love you all and God bless you.


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