Post- Retreat

So, its been 5 days since I have returned from the retreat and the reason why I did not blog right away was because I did not know what to say. The retreat left me speechless. I really wanted to just sit on the experience and just take it all in because it was really life changing. Since I have returned, these last 5 days, my life has been different. One of my expectations going into the retreat was vision and by vision I mean a shift in perspective and my expectation has manifested within me. Besides, all my expectations being filled which I can't share, the experience was truly life changing and its like, you just HAD to be there. Everyone there was just so beautiful inside and out and God's presence was even greater. To watch him, touch and shift and deliver so many people, including myself;

was so glorifying.

It warms my heart and makes me cry thinking about the fact that God really is so intentional and he has a plan for every single one of us who believe in him and declare him as our savior and most of all our friend. For every person that I have ever lost, for every thing that I have ever lost, for every heartbreak that I have ever endured; God replaced it with something better. I have gained so many beautiful sisters in Christ, brothers in Christ, perspective, deliverance, revelation, peace and happiness. To think about 5 months ago, I was alive but I felt dead. and today, my spirit dances. Something that I learned throughout this journey thus far, is to trust God's timing and his plan; for his plan and timing is far greater than my own. Our father is ALWAYS on time.

was just touch and

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