"When its cold, but you feel the heat"

I think its funny or interesting to see how the weather really affects how people think and how they move.

Yesterday, it was 77 degrees here in New Jersey, and I saw triple the black people I see on cold winter day. Everyone was really out here. But anyway, I observed certain people behaviors' and it was so different. Like everyone is really so much happier when its hot, and so much louder, but also prone to having more attitude. Like girls were mean mugging one another, it was so funny to me. Everything looks like a competition. Who's fit looks better, who's hair looks better, who dances better, like come on!

Even myself. I woke up yesterday morning in a GREAT mood. I spent 4 hours doing my hair and doing my makeup and getting dressed. On a cold day, give me 20 mins and Im good to go. I wonder why this happens. Like why are we like this?

I want a deeper explanation to our warm vs. cold behavior besides "cause it feels good!". That answer isn't enough for me lol.

Well today is a new day, a cold and rainy and gloomy one. and I DON'T plan to leave my apartment. But at least I can be productive because there are no distractions. *cough cough* good weather.

To be honest tho..... Im moving to Florida LOL. Like I wish the weather was 75+ every single day, all year around. What about you?

Have a great productive day!! and God bless you all!!

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