Chapter Closed

You ever feel joy and pain at the same time? You ever cry and smile at the same time? Im sure we have all been there, but it is weird isn't it? That we are able to feel complete opposite emotions at the same time.

I used to call myself bipolar when feelings like these arose, like Im mad one moment but now im happy. I never thought of it as feeling two feelings at the same time, if that makes sense.

Well today, I feel joy and pain at the same time. But my perspective on it is different, today my flesh is in pain and my spirit is dancing around, joyfully.

I had an encounter today with the devil and he hurt me. In the moment, I blamed the person he used, to hurt me. He used someone to irritate me, to upset me and its crazy how low the devil will go to get to you. He will use someone so close to you, to make you feel inferior and hopeless.

But you see, there is a perspective on top of this perspective, GOD won't let the DEVIL take anything from ME, that is FOR me. God, let the devil try to do it's "work" but God is ALWAYS two steps ahead, and so he was already removing this person from my life because this person is no longer of use!! Some people are placed in your life for a season and that season can range from a couple of months to years, but when it is time for that person to go, God will let you know. You will feel it.

The devil wants you to feel hate, but no, not today. I feel love. Love because my father God is working on me, its my turn.

So yeah I feel pain and joy at the same time. BUT, you know what they say pain don't last forever, and I KNOW God's love is everlasting, so for that I am happy.

Be happy people, because God is always working for those who want his love and know that no matter what you do in the flesh, he see's your heart.

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