Rumor has it

Rumor has it, that on your 21st birthday, you are supposed to die and come back to life.

This rumor is no longer a rumor to me, it is a proven fact.

My boyfriend planned the best birthday ever.

To start, one of my gifts was a podcast system!!! He knows how much I've wanted this because I wanna start my own podcast which will be posted on here, so look out for that!

He also got us a hotel room in philly, it was so big and beautiful. I walked into gifts, and lovely decorations.

Later that night, he tells me we are going out to eat and so I get ready and beautified and what not. He tells me he is going downstairs to get ice and walks back into the room with all my friends!!!!

I got more gifts, so much alcohol and right then and there I should've known I was gonna die.

but nope I did not see it coming.

We started to "pregame" to then head to Stratus Rooftop Lounge. A PLACE IVE BEEN DYING TO GO TO BUT BC I was NOT 21 I HAVENT!

basically.. I took shot after shot. and next thing you know. We were in a parking lot outside of the hotel and I was throwing up..

I threw up over 15 times that night. Got taken back upstairs to my hotel room. Don't remember how I got in bed and I did not make it to the rooftop. I died. I literally saw my life flash before my eyes several times that night.

#21 #youdodie #Imsureofthis

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