does your boyfriend care if you're pregnant?

Funny story for you guys.

I told my boyfriend I was pregnant.

A typical guy that is in his early 20's would freak out.

They would reply back to you and say




Deondre replied to me saying: "maddie you couldn't wait till i got home to tell me this"

So I say okay rewind, Ill tell you when you get home, then he says "So how are you feeling?"

LOL really? that calm? I never knew someone could be that calm.

Eventually I tell him it was a joke, a big joke. and he goes

"I was deadass on my way to the bathroom to throw up".

He is still a guy, I was wrong.

See what I just did here. I grouped men all into one category and I did this based off of things I've seen on TV or just around. I assumed that all guys would reply freaking out , then I said my guy was different, but then I proved why he wasn't, back to grouping him with other guys. This right here should never happen. No man should be compared to another man, and I did this to show you all how we do that and how it is wrong. Today, we put labels on different groups of people depending on their race, gender and physical features. We spend our lives assuming things about people that may not be true. We even go out of our way to falsely prove that our assumption is correct. Stereo-types in our world today need to be broken, and we are the only ones that have the power to do that. Just some thoughts...

Don't judge a book by it's cover.

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