Cheaters this for you

My boyfriend and I had a really good conversation last night. I wanted to blog about it then, but it was so good that I had to break my 20 day challenge, lol, which I will resume today! Anyway, so our topic was relationships, specifically couples who cheat on each other. I thought I should share with you guys why we think it happens. I think that everyone is afraid to get hurt. I think that media today, specifically portrays relationships that have a lack of trust. In music, you hear songs like "tell that triffling bitch she could have you" or like "I never let no nigga play me". Both of these expressions, imply that no one wants to lose. No one wants to get played. Because of this fear of getting "played", people cheat. Its the notion that,"I don't trust you, really, so I'm gonna do me, just in case if you do hurt me, I could say, I hurt you first or back". Couples spend most of their time, subconsciously competing with each other and they always want to have one up on each other. It shouldn't be like that. This is one of the many reasons why people cheat, but of course there are other reasons, like losing interest, or just being under pressure to do so. Regardless, I don't think there is an excuse for cheating. To solve the first issue I mentioned, couples have to remain vulnerable to each other and just open to trusting. In every relationship you get in, you should not hold on to what happened in your past relationships, or what you have seen happen to others. I think remaining vulnerable and investing your time into this one person could turn out to be a strong/healthy relationship. My thing is, if you're going to put in so much work to be with someone, cry over them, argue with them, stress over them. Why cheat? In anything you do in life, make sure you do it 100% or it doesn't count. I can't respect people that waste other people's time because you're not forced to. As far as the other reasons why people cheat, don't let anyone pressure you, because most of the times the ones pressuring you, don't want to see you happy or they want what you got. And lastly, if you lose interest, leave. Don't string someone along, because karma is a bitch.

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