Do you cook?

Last night, was a highlight night of my life and when i tell you guys why, you might be like wow. So i never felt the need to cook, growing up, my mom always did everything and when I got to college, I always had the highest meal plan, still today, I do. I have tried to cook on several occasions but lets just say it wasn't that good. I think I am really good at cooking pasta, vegetables, even rice. I am really really good at making breakfast. Ok so two days ago I am in the car with my boyfriend and I ask for him to get me something to eat. Such a little question, turned into things blowing up in my face like " why don't you cook? I don't get it, why can't you cook? how can we bring a kid into this world, if you don't cook?" WOW. That night, I felt so bad about myself. I felt like I really wasn't good enough to be someone's girlfriend, although I do everything else right, I like to be the complete package. Ladies you should always want to have it all, not for a man, but for yourself. So I asked him to drop me off at our apartment, and I went upstairs and I cooked. I made mashed sweet potatoes and chicken breast. He came home, and he ate it and I didn't really get a "OMG YOU COOKED BABE, LOVE IT. So last night, I tried again and went harder. He came home from work to cooked seasoned shrimp, yellow rice and grilled chicken with some BOMB seasoning. I was so proud of myself. He said "You did not cook this, omg, let me call my mom". I was feeling myself after, and now I feel so motivated to cook and to learn more. Moral of the story is, don't ever let no man or anyone tell you that you can't do something, or that you aren't good enough. Because, you are more than good enough. And don't be afraid to prove someone wrong, because I did.

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